Book - Departmental Policies


A  Moodle book is a series of pages which can contain linked content  in the form of text, images or other media. The example here is of a school staff departmental handbook.

2. Homework

1. Aim
To ensure that homework consistently makes the strongest possible contribution to the 
promotion of high quality learning and progress
2. Objectives
2.1 To ensure that all pupils receive their full entitlement to homework 
2.2 To ensure that homework contributes to the development of sound study habits 
2.3 To foster the development of a partnership in learning between pupil, parent and 
3. Rationale
3.1 Homework is set for the following reasons:
3.11 To help pupils make more rapid progress in their learning
3.12 To develop the skill of learning independently
3.13 To develop and extend skills learned in the classroom
3.14 To provide opportunities to extend learning through long term research or 
3.15 To allow pupils to use materials and other sources not always available in the 
3.16 To involve parents and others in the pupils’ learning
3.17 To provide valuable experience of managing time and working to deadlines
3.2 The implementation of this policy is the responsibility of all teachers.