Book - Departmental Policies


A  Moodle book is a series of pages which can contain linked content  in the form of text, images or other media. The example here is of a school staff departmental handbook.

3. Behaviour

1. We will try to prevent misbehaviour by:

  • defining what behaviour is and is not acceptable
  • modelling good behaviour
  • recognising and rewarding good behaviour
  • applying consistent sanctions for misbehaviour
  • effective delivery of the curriculum
  • adequate levels of supervision
  • punctuality
  • good levels of communication
  • careful monitoring

2. All staff will follow the school’s published Behaviour Management System. This will include

  • referral systems being followed, a graduated level of appropriate sanctions being applied, effective 
  • communication and parental contact and involvement.

3. Matters of classroom discipline are the direct responsibility of the class teacher. Their line-manager for classroom issues is Jeffrey Sanders.