Book - Departmental Policies


A  Moodle book is a series of pages which can contain linked content  in the form of text, images or other media. The example here is of a school staff departmental handbook.

5. Special Educational Needs

There is a whole school approach to children with special educational needs. The children are included and supported for both their educational and emotional needs. There are high 
expectations for all pupils. The children are supported in line with the Code of Practice (2002) with regard to early identification and working in partnership with the child, parent and outside agencies.

Children may have special educational needs either throughout or at any time during their school career. This policy ensures that curriculum planning and assessment for children with special educational needs takes account of the type and extent of the difficulty experienced by the childThe Disability Discrimination Act identifies the fact that some children with disabilities may have learning difficulties that call for special educational provision. A child with asthma or diabetes, for example, may not have special educational needs, but may still have rights under the Disability Discrimination Act.

We will assess each child as required, and make the appropriate provision, based on their identified needs.